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project bdp


Wouldn't it be nice to see the entire filesystem in your blu-ray player's browser? Maybe not necessary, especially if you can get telnet access, but cool anyway. Fortunately it's a pretty small change, but it does require custom firmware.

There is a file /usr/browser/defaultpage/urlfilter.ini which specifies which URLs are allowed and which are not. By default it allows http://, but blocks file:/// (local) URLs.

I modified this file to contain only (I kept the comments too, but they're not important):

prioritize excludelist=0



Now all URLs are allowed. Simple right? Then you need to re-generate the firmware and flash it to your player.

One annoyance I will give more details about later is that bdpprog by default clears file:/// URLs. They do that because the start page is local, so otherwise you will see the start page URL when entering your first URL. I modified a few bytes of bdpprog to change this behaviour.


You will need to:

  1. Extract the firmware files
  2. Modify the /usr/browser/default/urlfilter.ini
  3. Modify date & version to make the player think it is newer
  4. Re-generate the firmware files
  5. Burn to a CD and update your player
  6. Try it out by entering file:/// (you should see root files), file:///bin , file:///mnt , file:///etc , etc...


Downgrading has been successfully tested. That's all I can confirm. Modifying firmware is risky, may violate EULA agreements, and can potentially brick your Blu-Ray player. Please try this at your own risk!

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