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My name is Malcolm Stagg. I graduated from LSU and am currently working on some inpendent research projects, mostly related to the fields of RF and machine learning. My resumé is below.

Resumé (pdf version - outdated)


I graduated with a BSEE from LSU in Electrical and Computer Engineering, with a Computer Science minor. I am a Canadian citizen and US Permanent Resident.

Work Experience

Feb 2014-Dec 2017Microsoft CorporationRedmond, WA
Software Engineer working on the Remote Desktop team. Worked on network transport layer, and was part of a small team developing an HTML5 Remote Desktop Web Client.
May 2013-Aug 2013Microsoft CorporationRedmond, WA
SDET Intern working on the RDV (Remote Desktop Virtualization) team. Gathered data from several network status change event sources for various network disruption scenarios to determine how Remote Desktop Client (RDC) currently handles auto-reconnect on these scenarios. Created an automated test setup with hardware and software to automatically gather and parse this performance data.
May 2011-May 2013,
Aug 2013-Dec 2013
Louisiana State UniversityBaton Rouge, LA
Student Worker for a project funded under the VIRAT (Video Image Retrieval and Analysis Tool) program of DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) for detecting activities in streaming video. Worked on algorithms for detecting the activities with regular expressions in MATLAB and the design of a C++ object tracker.
2004-2008Auton Engineering, Ltd.Sundre, AB, Canada
Created PIC microcontroller C code for communication units for cement truck monitoring. Connects to the internet with a CDMA or GSM cell modem, via a functional UDP/IP stack created and optimized for this controller, with secure password authentication. Live GPS and truck data are sent to a base-station over the internet link, and shown on a MapPoint map. Includes request features, data logging, unit setup options, and advanced networking features.


  • Development of very large Visual Basic, C, C++, and MATLAB programs
  • Programming low-level interfaces for networking functions and hardware on Windows
  • Analog/digital circuit design and microcontroller/FPGA programming
  • Problem-solving abilities in hardware/software debugging, testing, and algorithm design
  • Ability to work under time constraints


2009 - Dec 2013Louisiana State UniversityBaton Rouge, LA
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Computer Science Minor
College Honors

GPA: 4.0
2005 - 2008Alberta Distance Learning CentreCalgary, AB, Canada
High School Course Average: 92.64%


M. Stagg and S. Rai, Comparison of Adaptive Neural Classification Techniques, CATA, 2013.

Awards and Achievements

Dec. 2013Received the University Medal for graduating with the highest GPA at LSU, and the Edward McLaughlin Dean's Medal for graduating with the highest GPA in Engineering
Nov. 2011Received Computing Research Association’s Undergraduate Research Award (Honorable Mention) for work done on the VIRAT project
Oct. 2011Received LSU Sophomore Honors Distinction resulting from high honors grades
Undergraduate Scholarships
Mar. 2009Golden Oaks Scholarship (full-tuition) to Louisiana State University
Seymour Schulich Academic Excellence Scholarship (full-tuition) to the University of Calgary (declined)
International Science and Engineering Fair
May 2005VLSI Object Recognition Trainable Embedded CMOS SystemPhoenix, AZ
4th place in Computer Science category
3rd place Eastman Kodak Award
Canada Wide Science Fair
May 2007Distributed Robotics: An Intelligent SystemTruro, NS
Silver medal in Engineering and Automotive
Statistical Society of Canada Award
May 2006A Dynamic Analog Concurrently-Processed Adaptive ChipSaguenay, QC
Silver medal in Engineering, Bronze in Automotive
Placed on Team Canada (16 students nationally)
May 2005VLSI Object Recognition Trainable Embedded CMOS System
Placed on Team Canada (12 students nationally)
May 2004Development of a 3D Robot Visual SystemSt. John's, NL
Bronze medal in Computer Science and Engineering
Petro Canada Peer Innovation Award (peer-nominated)
May 2003Evaluation of 3D Object Recognition MethodsCalgary, AB
Gold medal in Computer & Mathematical Sciences
Canadian Mathematical Society Award
Petro Canada Peer Innovation Award (peer-nominated)
Canada Wide Virtual Science Fair
May 2007Two Summa Cum Laude Awards (highest ranking project in the fair)
May 2006Summa Cum Laude in Engineering/Computer Science
Bell Canada Visual Award
May 2005Summa Cum Laude Award (highest ranking project in the fair)
Microsoft Canada Top of the Computer Science Award
May 2004Summa Cum Laude Award
Calgary Youth Science Fair
Mar. 2007Nortel Networks Innovation and Technology Award
APEGGA Award for Engineering
Mar. 2006Schulich School of Engineering Award First Place
Mar. 2005Noel Bourget (Auto-Trol Technology) Award
Nortel Networks Innovation and Technology Award
Mar. 2004Top Intermediate Award
Noel Bourget (Auto-Trol Technology) Award
Nortel Networks Innovation and Technology Award
Mar. 2003Pacific Institute of the Mathematical Sciences Award

Seminars and Conferences Attended

Aug. 2008Global Young Leader's ConferenceWashington, DC
(as a result of SAT scores)New York, NY


Spring 2005Basic Amateur Radio License (VA6MCS)Calgary, AB


References are available on request.

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